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City of Carterville

Mission Statement:

     The threat of crime in America today is a major concern for law enforcement and citizen alike. The Carterville Police Department maintains an aggressive stance against various forms of crime from traffic offenses, domestic assaults, and property crimes to drug trafficking and foreign or domestic terrorism. In addition to serving over two thousand citizens in our city, we serve over ten thousand other citizens as mutual aid to six surrounding cities and serve as back up for state and county law enforcement. The Carterville Police Department holds our community in the highest regard and provides whatever service required with the authority to apprehend and arrest offenders, and the desire to avert crime by pro-active law enforcement and good community relations. In this, the 21st century, people the world over are faced as never before with record numbers of drug crimes, violent crimes, as well as the threat of terrorism. The officers of the Carterville Police Department will stand vigilant to protect these people with honor, professionalism, and compassion.

Proudly serving ,

Clinton Worley, Chief of Police